Nov 28, 2011

FlatFrog Multitouch Videos: Point Separation, Multi-input, Multi-user input

FlatFrog Multitouch is a company based in Sweden. It was founded by Ola Wassvic and Christer FĂ„hraeus.  The technologies support 20+ simultaneous touches, and recognize object size, a useful feature. FlatFrog screens can be optimized for a wide range of light conditions  FlatFrog's multi-touch and gesture interaction is featured in the short video clips below.  

FlatFrog is gearing up for commercial release. According to the FAQ's on the website, "all sizes are possible, from 5" to 100" and upward.  Promethean is one of the company's investors.   There is a volume manufacturing agreement with Kortek Corporation, known for industrial and gaming displays.

Thanks Touch User Interface for sharing this information! (Touch User Interface is the blog for Sensible UI, known for the ArduMT, aka the Arduino Multi-touch Development Kit)

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