Nov 11, 2011

Revisiting Good Blogs - Web of Things: "Architecting the Web of Things for Tinkerers and Hackers"

One of my interests is pervasive computing, which casts a very wide "web".  That's why I like the Web of Things blog.  Below is an excerpt from the "About" section of the blog:

"Why do you want to change the Internet? What’s wrong with it? 
Not much really. It’s just a little boring. It only contains data published by other humans, but it’s not enough linked with our physical reality, not real time / real world enough for our taste! 

Why should I read this blog? 
Well depends how much you care about technology. It’s both for geeks/hackers who need a playground to develop and try ideas. But it’s also for the security expert who wants to take part to make the Web a safer place to hang out. It’s also for people who want to find new ideas." 

More about the Web of Things: 
"The Web of Things is a community of developers, researchers, and designers that explore the future of the physical Web. We explore how to leverage Web standards to interconnect all types of embedded devices (sensors, mobile phones, etc.) in order to make them easier to use and to integrate in classic Web applications. We aim to build a future Web of devices that is truly open, flexible, and scalable, and we believe Web standards are the best way to do it." 

The Web of Things blog was founded by Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa, two "researchers/geeks" working at ETH Zurich and SAP Research Zurich.

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