Nov 11, 2011

Visiting New (to me) Blogs: Learning WebGL

I'm interested in learning more about WebGL, and thought I'd share a link recommended by Rich White (of Edusim fame).

Gile Thomas

Gile Thomas is co-creating a browser-based Python environment, PythonAnywhere, which might support WebGL in the (near?) future.

I'd also like to share some exciting news. A group of Stevens Institute of Technology students are working on a year-long Senior Capstone project, a web-based conversation wheel/social skills game application.  The application will be accessed via interactive whiteboards (and other interfaces) for use with students at Wolfe School.  They will be using WebGL.

The application targets students with more significant disabilities, including those who have moderate to severe autism, and will help the students learn skills that will be useful on-the-job as they transition to adulthood.

Keep posted for updates about this project!  

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