Nov 24, 2011

Revisiting Good Blogs: Innovative Interactivity (II) - A Digital Watering Hole for Multimedia Enthusiasts

One of the blogs I enjoy following is Innovative Interactivity (II).  Here is the description from the "About" section of the blog:

"Innovative interactivity serves as an open forum for multimedia producers, interactive web developers, and new media professionals. Content focuses on the dynamics and theory of how people receive and react to different forms of information on the web, both through visual, multimedia storytelling and interactive information design."

"The goal is that this blog will provide an outlet for those in the online realm, whether you are interested in learning about multimedia storytelling, interactive web development, programming languages, software tools, data visualization, or all of the above.  Hopefully you will be inspired from what you read here to surpass your current standards in order to develop highly effective multimedia interactives for the digital community."

Tracy Boyer Clark is the founder & managing editor of Innovative Interactivity.  She is finishing up her MBA/MSIS dual master's degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Here are a few links to recent II blog posts:
Behind the scenes of NFB's One Millionth Tower
Lessons learned from Internet Summit 2011
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg delivers monumental speech for women in tech

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Tracy Boyer Clark said...

Thanks so much, Lynn! Your blog is a must-read as well :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!