Mar 13, 2012

IXDA Interaction Awards Winners, 2012: LoopLoop, an interactive music toy app by Stimulant/Sifteo, was best in show!

The Best in Show winner of IXDA's 2012 Interaction Awards was LoopLoop, an interactive music sequencer application for children, created by designers at Stimulant in collaboration with Sifteo.

Stimulant LoopLoop for Sifteo from Stimulant on Vimeo.

What are the best examples of interaction design? - Sam McNerney,  PSFK, 3/9/12The videos featured in Sam McNerney's post were created by Christian Svanes Kolding for the Interaction Design Association (IXDA) as part of the first annual Interaction Awards in Dublin, Ireland.

IXDA:  Interaction Design Asociation
IXDA Interaction Awards
Stimulant Website
LoopLoop For Sifteo Cubes
LoopLoop, an upcoming application produced by Stimulant with the Sifteo SDK
Sifteo Creativity Kit

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