Mar 11, 2012

Numby: an app for learning how to count, via Creative Applications Network

Watch the video!

I've been meaning to post reviews about my favorite apps for kids, but there are so many that I love and use at work and when I'm with my little grandson, I haven't figured out where to begin!  

I came across information about the Numby app on the Creative Application Network website, one of my favorite places to learn about creative, innovative applications and technologies. The app was created by Amit Pitaru and James Paterson.

Creative Applications Network
Numby Review:  Numby by Pitaru and Paterson, Learning counting in weird and wonky ways.
Filip, CAN, 7/3/12

Rhonda, the 3D Drawing Tool, created by Pitaru and Paterson (set to an old Neil Young song)
Sonic Wire Sculptor: 3D musical sequencer (Zach Gage, Amit Pitaru, and team)
"Sonic Wire Sculptor was reworked for the iPhone with ofxIphone and openframeworks open source libraries. See more at

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