Jul 29, 2012

LONGBOARDING FREERIDE, an HD Extreme Sports video.

I have a secret. I enjoy watching Extreme Sports HD videos. This one is from  has breathtaking scenery. On a large screen, it might lure you into believing that you are the longboarder, gliding around the hills and curves!

About longboarding, from the Original Skateboards website:

"Put a longboarder at the top of that same hill with a longboard designed to handle it and he will get to heaven first, every time, no death required.  A longboard is a stress relief, a mode of transportaton, and a sorce of surf, snowboard inspiration.  Anyone can learn, it is safe, there are no age barriers and no one is going to charge you for a lift to the top."

Riders in the video were Petter Reinem, Axel Serrat, Brett Ciabattini, Will Stephan, Aleix Gallimo, Daniel Harris, Brian Bishop, Michael Virgin Jr. , Molly Lewis, and Scott Imbrie. Filmers were Nick Patrick, Brad Imbrie, Jay Cagney, Aleix Gallimo, Axel Serrat Dunia Vidal, and Sam Weaver. The video was edited by Nick Patrick.

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