Jul 14, 2012

Cute NAO robot performs "Evolution of Dance" and is an active participant in research with young people who have autism spectrum disorders.

I came across a cute video of a NAO robot performing the Evolution of Dance, and as I smiled, I remembered that the robot was used in some research about interventions for young people with autism. 

The technology behind the NAO robot was developed by Aldebaran Robotics, and more details can be found on the company's website, along with the video and links I've provided below. (Aldebaran Robotics is hiring, btw.)

Enjoy the dance performance!

Evolution of Dance by NAO Robot 

DEPCO NAO Robot and Notre Dame Autism Research 

NAO Next: Gen: The New Robot of Aldebaran Robotics

New Robot Helps Autistic Children Interact (UConn) Research with Tim Giffort, CEO of Movia Robotics, and UConn professor Anjana Bhat 

(Above)Bruno Maisonnier of Aldebaran Robots Highlights Therapeutic Uses of the NAO Robot 

Aldebaran Robotics NAO Developer Website Psychologist explores effective treatment options for children with autism disorders 
Susan Guibert, Notre Dame News, 4/16/10 
Robot Speaks the Language of Kids 
Beth Krane, UConn Today, 8/5/10 
Movia Robotics: Systems for Learning, Training, Education and Therapy 
Timothy Gifford and Anjana Bhat on Using Robots to Help Autistic Children 
Rachel Z. Arndt, FastCompany, 4/1/11 
Anjana N. Bhat, University of Connecticut Timothy Gifford 
Social story powerpoint for children with autism who are participate in research at the FUN Lab at Notre Dame (ppt)

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