Aug 12, 2012

Tech and Stuff shared by my FB friends.

It seems that the weekend is ripe for sharing interesting things on Facebook, judging from what I've seen from my FB friends.  These are just a few that came my way:

This picture below is from the World is Beautiful FB page. Where?  The  Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen, in Finland.  The igloos are made of glass, and according to the description, provide views of the Aurora Borealis:

In case you missed this--- at about 1:45 the dolphins appear.  Beautiful!

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo.

17 minute video from LEGO about the history of the company:

Context-Aware Computing, by Albrecht Schmidt:

iGlass, shared by Pixelonomics:

Patent application for "peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays", for the above device.

Michael Husted's post:

Shared by Barbara Bray, via Smart Apps for Kids, via Success in Learning

My comment:
"It doesn't hurt to take a few self-defense classes.  I took kickboxing for the exercise and I do not feel defenseless.  As adults, we encounter criminals who are beyond the bully stage, who don'e care if they hurt (or kill) when they want to engage in illegal activities.  It makes sense to do the things that make us strong, healthy, fit, and safe.  This means having the strength to help others during a crisis, such as the shootings at the movie theater and other seemingly "random" acts of local terrorism."

I shared the following picture on Facebook:  
I set up the XBox 360 and the Kinect in the Activities of Daily Living room (it is also the music room), and when I went to take a picture of my rafting adventure, the system took a picture of me!
Photo: We got the Kinect working at school, here I'd a picture of me  taking a picture of the screen when the in-game camera took a picture of me trying to ride the rapids...

Shared by World Sepsis Day - the German delegation's presentation at the Project Fair of the International Federation of Medical Students Association August meeting.

Albrecht Schmidt's blog
Interaction Design Foundation:  "Free educational materials - made by the world's technology elite"

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Kate Dunkin said...

Awesome post and video! I'm so happy I came across your blog while I was looking for the best apps for toddlers, because my little one is always playing with my Ipad. Thank you for sharing this with us!