Sep 22, 2012

Digital Disruption Video (Deloitte): Nice use of animated infographics.

Today I attended Web Afternoon Charlotte and was impressed by many of the presentations, including a talk by Nick Finck, of Deloitte Digital. Throughout the day, common themes emerged, centered around facing our fears and creating a better (digital) world that includes a good measure of disruption. 

As I reviewed information for this post, I came across a nicely-prepared video by Deloitte Australia.  It provides a number of animated infographics to highlight key factors related to digital disruption. Although the narrator focuses on the business world in Australia, given our global economy, the concepts ring true for the US and other countries.  (An infographic on this topic, created by Deloitte Digital can be found at the end of this post.)

Digital Disruption- Short fuse, big bang?

Deloitte Digital
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Digital Disruption [Infographic]
Michelle Hernandez, Deloitte Digital Blog 5/7/12

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