Nov 23, 2012

First-Person User Interface; Mobile to the Future; Mobile Experience Design Strategy: Presentations by Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is a digital product/interaction/interface designer who has written about mobile computing and web design. His presentations provide a good summary of how smartphones are functioning in today's world, how they might be used in the very near future, and what designers/developers need to consider.

"The tools are in our hands to really design experiences in a different way."

Presentation: First Person User Interfaces (pdf)
"The design challenges and opportunities of interfaces that allow people to interact with the real world as they are currently experiencing "

Luke Wroblewski | Mobile to the future from IxDA Oslo on Vimeo.
Presentation: Mobile to the Future (pdf)

Mobile Experience Design Strategy with Luke Wroblewski 
(Presented at Cascade SF Meetup)

(At about 45:30, Luke discusses the problem of "checkout" on a mobile phone, giving an example from Dell.)

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