Nov 21, 2012

Usability of Windows 8: Food for thought from Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

I haven't had the chance to play around with a tablet or PC running Windows 8, but from the screenshots and thoughtful comments posted on Jakob Nielson's Alertbox ,  I might be in store for some user confusion.  

Windows 8 -- Disappointing Usability for both Novice and Power Users 

"Hidden features, reduced discoverability, cognitive overhead fro dual environments, and reduced power from a single-window UI and low information density. Too bad." -Jakob Nielsen

I wonder how this will play out in the future, especially for people who often rely on two large monitors with several windows up at the same time to complete tasks efficiently, alone, or with a colleague.

Take the time to read the following article, and if you have the time, skim through the over 200 comments:
Why Jakob Nielsen's Windows 8 critique is old-school thinking.
Jay Green, c|net, 11/21/12

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