Nov 4, 2012

Interactive Display at the Local Hyundai Dealership

I was at the auto dealership to get my car's oil changed a few weeks ago and noticed a large interactive display that featured an in-depth explanation of Hyundai's BlueLink technology. The display also provided touch-screen interaction to explore information and view videos about the features of new cars.  

My toddler grandson loves cars, so when he came to visit, I brought him along. Since it is difficult to interact with a touch screen display and at the same time discreetly video the experience with a toddler in tow, I wasn't able spend much time exploring the display's features. The following video is what I managed to capture.

I am still hunting down information about the story behind the display.   

HYUNDAI's Interactive BlueLink website

Overview of BlueLink 

The Tube (2008)
This project was installed in 180 Hyundai dealerships in the U.S.  It was created with a Papervision3D menu to display media types such as video, audio, animation, and zoomable bitmaps. The application was designed to run within a local network. I'm not sure if the display I saw at my local dealership was an updated version of this project or something new.

The web-version of the application that was in "The Tube" project does not have all of the features that can be accessed in the local version. The photos were taken from Mike Connor's website:
Touchscreen Kiosk - Car Dealership 5

Touchscreen Kiosk - Car Dealership 6

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