Jan 11, 2013

InteractiveTV Today (ITVT): Links to information and updates about CES 2013, via Tracy Swedlow.:

If you want a quick look at the latest news related to interactive TV, including cool stuff featured at CES 2013, a good resource is the InteractiveTV Today website.   

Below are a few quick links to posts written by Tracy Swedlow, the founder of ITVT.  You'll see that there has been a flood of news and information generated from the companies featured at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) held in Las Vegas:

Interactive TV headlines Round-Up (I): Aereo, Amazon, A +E Networks, Turner, Warner Bros., Samsung, Roku, Nintendo Wii U, CBS, Microsoft Xbox

Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (II):  ConnectTV, DDD, LG, Delivery Agent, Samsung, Magic Ruby, "Sons of Anarchy", Digitalsmiths, Time Warner Cable, i.TV

Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (III): DirectTV, Dish Network, Ensequence, Sony, ES3, Azuki Systems, Microsoft Mediaroom

Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (IV): Asus, Google TV, Marvell, Sony, Ubitus, Amazon, YouTube

It might take a while to catch up!

BTW, the ITVT website has a number of bloggers who share insights and news related to interactive TV and multimedia.  The ITVT Community Blogstream is a good place to start.

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