Jan 17, 2013

XBox Kinect in the OR: Kinect supports gesture interaction with 3D imaging of the patient, while operating.

Here's an interesting use of technology for health - the Xbox Kinect in the OR!

Thanks to Harry van der Veen for the link!

Kinect sensor poised to leap into everyday life
Niall Firth, NewScientist, 1/17/13

For the tech-curious:
PrimeSense (Company that developed the 3D depth sensor that powers the Kinect, the sensor in Ava, a healthcare robot by iRobot, and more.)

OpenNI (Framework for the development of 3D sensing middleware libraries and applications.)

NiTE: Natural Interface Technology for End User (Perception algorithms layer for 3D computer vision, allows for hand locating, tracking, analyzing scenes, and tracking skeleton joints.)

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