May 12, 2013

Jay Leno's Interactive Pumpcast News: Will and Monifa Sims 15 minutes of Karaoke Fame

"You sir, on pump 16!"

If you haven't seen this video yet, take a look.  It is a great example of interactive TV at the gas station pump!   

Pumpcast News is a segment featured on Jay Leno's Tonight Show that catches people by surprise at the gas pump as they try to ignore the TV blaring away. 

In the following video clip, Pumpcast news anchor Jack Rafferty offers free gas if the customer, Will Sims, will sing karaoke.  Will sings "Living on a Prayer", by Bon Jovi, with all of his heart and soul.  Later,  his wife, Monifa, joins in and belts out Sweet Dreams, by the Eurythmics.

I especially liked Will's "living on a free tank of gas" improvisation at about 2:28.

I don't think this segment was staged,  but even if it was, the interactive TV is a great concept.  It certainly engaged the customers.   

Who knows?  Would you purchase one brand of gas over another if you knew you'd have a random chance to get a free tank of gas and 15 minutes of fame?

Will and Monifa Sims were invited to sing on The Tonight Show:

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