Aug 3, 2013

Tablets at Work: AT&T videoclips, other examples, in case you were wondering.

If you have a tablet or an iPad, it might be difficult to imagine life without one. AT&T knows that there are plenty of people who might be ripe for buying one. To give them a nudge, they've created a series of videos centered around a couple who is looking for a new home, and the people who help them move towards their dream.

The first video shows how real estate agents can use the photo and video features of a tablet to enhance the home search process, saving time for all.

In the second video, the couple is connected with a tech-savvy mortgage broker, who has a short interchange with another broker who is lost in a pile of paperwork.

The third video shows how tablets are used during the home inspection process as well as planning out the interior design. 

The last video shows how the tablets can be used by the movers to complete a payment transaction and plan for their next stop. The couple orders a pizza, and a scene from the pizzeria shows how a tablet can be used to quickly complete the transaction for the order.

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