Jan 15, 2014

ThePianoGuys' Uplifting Music Videos: Over the Rainbow; Paradise (Peponi)

This delightful, uplifting music video from ThePianoGuys playing a rendition of Over the Rainbow and Simple Gifts showed up in my FB feed today.   Enjoy.

I use uplifting/calming videos in my work with students with complex special needs, including those with autism.  Although I create some of the multimedia content I use with students, my time for creativity is limited.  I appreciate coming across music videos that deliver much more than I could ever create within the confines of my day-to-day life!

The students I worked with today at Wolfe School really liked the following video, a cover of Coldplay's "Paradise".  The video featured guest artist Alex Boye, The piano and musicians were perched on the top of a 1000 ft cliff.  They also were fascinated with the "making of" video below.

I wonder if ThePianoGuys could create a music video at the cave setting at this beach in St. Maarten!   (My husband did not want to venture very far from this beautiful refuge during a recent vacation.)

A quick search on YouTube reveals thousands of videos created to uplift/relax the spirit.
If you need to take a few moments to relax - here is a time-lapse video set to calming music, from LoungeV Studio:

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