Oct 13, 2007

Cross Post from technology-supported human-world interaction blog: Interactive large-screen visitor information/concierge

This video is a news clip about interactive visitor kiosks in Kern County, California, designed to promote tourism in the region. Using a large touch-screen display, people have access to a wide range of information, displayed in a multi-media format. One of the featured displays is NextWindow's 2800 "Rugged Integrated Touch Panel", developed to withstand environmental wear and tear, with software developed by JupiterBay.

How it works:

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My HCI project prototype would be something fun to interact with on one of these kiosks!

I'd love to see interactive displays in parks, museums, libraries, malls, schools, hospitals, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, cruise ships... Wouldn't it be great if these displays could interact with cell phones and PDA's?

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