Oct 16, 2007

Visualizing Content on the Web: Great pictures, descriptions, and links on Max Kiesler's blog

"Content Visualizations: The Next Wave of Interaction Design" is the topic of Max Kiesler's recent blog post.

Searches conducted on the Web are primarily word-based, and the same is true for searches conducted on PC's. What results is a list of phrases, which are often difficult to sort and prioritize quickly.

The increased bandwidth available on the web now allows for content that contains a range of multimedia components, such as photos and video clips. Many on-line journal articles, blog posts, and of course, information visualization websites, contain important visual-oriented information that might be missed through traditional searches.

Kiesler discusses some solutions to this problem in his post. Take a look at it soon- it contains great visualizations, as well as links to additional information and resources.

Although Keisler does not state it directly, his post makes the case for the importance visual and multimedia literacy in our society.

Note: For those of you who follow my blog, you'll know that this sort of visual approach would be a great tool in education, especially when presented on interactive large-screen displays.

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