Oct 12, 2007

Flickschool: Quick "how-to" videos for digital media production for teens - and teachers of teens

Flickschool: "a quick way of learning how to produce flix, take pix, and share your mix"

Flickschool is the work of Marco Torres, a history teacher at a large high school in San Fernando who works with students in the area of digital storytelling and other creative endeavors. At the Flickschool site, numerous short "how-to" video clips are provided that contain mini lessons on topics such as script-writing, story-boarding, photography techniques, music technology, and film-making. A true gem!

Ewan McIntosh, an edu-blogger, has a nice blog post describing Marco's great work, if you'd like more information.

Marco Torres directed the video parody of a monster.com commercial, during the Apple Summer Institute at Lesley University. The video provides humerous examples NOT to do if you are a teacher, or are planning to become one someday.

When I Become A Teacher:

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