May 24, 2008

Dance.Draw Project : Exquisite Interaction - Collaboration between Software Information Systems -HCI- and Dance Departments at UNC-Charlotte


"The movement of the visualizations are artifacts in real-time of the movements of the dancers. They draw while they dance, they dance together and they draw together. Every performance generates a new visual imprint." -DanceDraw website

Interactive multimedia technology, blended with the arts!

Dr. Celene LaTulipe
, from UNC-Charlotte's Software and Information Systems Department, Professor Sybil Huskey, from the dance department, dance students, and others collaborated to create an amazing performance that I had the opportunity to see performed during the
Visualization in the World Symposium in April (2008).

If you look closely, you will see that each dancer holds two wireless mice, one in each hand. The mice trigger the visualization that is projected in the background. Dr. LaTulipe has focused some of her research on two-handed computer interaction. It is interesting to see how her work has been applied to this beautiful "off-the-desktop" application.

Dance.Draw is a work in progress- visit the following links for more information:

Website (Updated)
Technical Info
Dr. Kosara's Eager Eyes post about Dance.Draw

Dr. LaTulipe was my HCI professor- Dr. Kosara was my Visualization/Visual Communication professor.

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Thanks for bringing this dance performance to my attention.

I wrote about it in my Kinetic Interface blog on Great Dance: