May 31, 2008

Top 15 Posts: Interactive Multimedia Technology

As of 5/31/08
Interactive multimedia for social skills, understanding feelings, relaxation and coping strategies
Engaged Learning Revisited: Four videoclips for reflection....
UMAGINE Creative -Digital Story Telling for Interactive Whiteboard or Touch Screen- free demo available
Interactive Multimedia Technology: May 2007
Dance.Draw Project : Exquisite Interaction - Collaboration between Software Information Systems -HCI- and Dance Department
Microsoft Surface multi touch screen table - I wish I had one for my projects last semester!

Programming for interactive multimedia applications: WPF, Silverlight, EduSim, NeuroVR - Musings: Learning about application development and programming at mid-life
Interactive Information Visualization: Digg Labs Website
iPod Touch Possibilities... I want one!
NASA's promotion of MMO games to support STEM learning; Space Station Sim game; EASe games for children
Interactive Multimedia Technology for Science and Math
More Multi-touch: Microsoft Windows 7 Demo on a Dell Laptop
More multi-touch from members of the NUI group!
My Nokia n800 Internet Tablet!
NUI Group Member Bridger Maxwell Receives High School Science Fair Awared for Multi-touch Screen Project

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