Sep 21, 2008

Resources for the (therapeutic) use of digital and multimedia storytelling and social stories for children and teens...

The most frequently visited post on this blog is Interactive Multimedia for Social Skills, Understanding Feelings, Relaxation, and Coping Strategies, and the hits are increasing. For that reason, I'm working on an extensive update, which is very involved process, given the increase in research in this area. Until then, I thought that it would be helpful to provide a mini-update.

Below are some resources and links for those of you who are interested in digital multimedia story telling or digital social stories with young people. Although some of the resources are specific to children or teens with autism spectrum disorders, I've also included information that is appropriate for use in regular classroom settings.

(If this is your first visit to this blog, it might be a good idea to first check out the resources from the above link, and then return to this post.)

Digital Storytelling and 21st Century Skills (pdf)

This nine-page primer is useful for anyone interested in learning how to create digital stories or develop digital storytelling activities with young people. The information was provided by David Jakes, an instructional technology coordinator for Community High School District 99 in Downers Grove, IL, provides a good case for digital storytelling and an outline of the process of implementing related activities at the high school level.

David Jakes has a website,, that contains additional resources about digital storytelling, including strategies for instruction. The website also provide information about collaborative tools and a collection of extensive web resources.

Center for Digital Storytelling


Encouraging Positive Behavior with Social Stories: An Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
pdf (Shannon Crozier, Nancy M.Sileo) Teaching Exceptional Children, July/August 2005 pp. 26-31

This article provides information that supports a systematic method of implenting social stories that is integrated into a student's Functional Behavioral Assessment and IEP.


• Team identifies the need for behavior intervention.
• Functional assessment is completed.
• Social stories included in behavior plan.
• Social story is written.
• Social story is introduced and progress is monitored with data.
• Success is evaluated with data.

Note: The authors cite an article written in 1999 that mentions that the use of multimedia social stories has not been demonstrated to be effective, as little research had been completed in this area at the time. Take this with a grain of salt, as there are recent studies (see below) regarding the effective use of multimedia applications, including computer/video games and VR, for social skills training as well as counseling.

An evaluation of the integrated use of a multimedia storytelling system within a psychotherapy intervention for adolescents. (pdf)

Current Autism Research on Social Stories (Vol 2, Issue 8; August 2007) Positively Autism

Multimedia Instruction of Social Skills
(CITEd Research Center- Center for Implementing Technology in Education: Multimedia Technologies)

This link provides extensive information about on-line resources for programs that simulate social interaction. It also includes information about the use of social stories with students, and resources for putting together multimedia social stories. Included are some summaries of research about multimedia social stories and the use of multimedia for instructional activities.

Be sure to explore the rest of the CITEd site when you have the time.


Post: Special issue on Multimedia, Media Convergence, and Digital Storytelling

Digital Stories Targeting Social Skills for Children with Disabilities. Cori More (PRO-ED Journal, 2008)

Digtal/Multimedia Storytelling
from A Storied Career: Kathy Hansen's Blog to explore traditional and postmodern forms/uses of storytelling

Digital Storytelling - Katie Christo's Wiki - how-to, resources, tutorials, rubrics, lesson plans, digital storytelling across the curriculum, etc.

The Story-Centered Curriculum
- eLearn Magazine

Mind Reading: An Interactive Guide to Reading Emotions

Mind Habits: The Stress Relief Game


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Great suggestions - and I've read a few of these already.

Storytelling at a Distance,, in eLearn Magazine, covers many aspects of storytelling and its uses.

Your readers may find it helpful.

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