Sep 30, 2008

Ignite08: A festival of interaction, technology, dance, the arts, and science...

I came across this interesting video clip of Audience, a "performance" of 64 mirrors programmed to move together when someone walks by, in attention. The installation was created by Chris O'Shea, author of the Pixelsumo blog, and rAndom international as part of an exhibit at Deloitte Ignite08, a three-day festival of performances and experiences created by artists and scientists at the Royal Opera in London.

Audience from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

Wayne McGregor, the choreographer for the Royal Ballet, was the director of Ignite08. The following is McGregor's vision behind the festival.

"Explaining the ethos behind such a diverse festival programme, McGregor reveals he was influenced by Greek philosopher Aristotle’s definition of the five senses. ‘We experience everything through our senses and, although we are by nature sight-dominated, it is through a complex network and inter-relatedness of these multiple senses that we can perceive events, artistic endeavour included,’ he says."

The "What's On" section of the Ignite08 website includes links short interviews and written profiles of the various Ignite08 participants.

For more information about Wayne McGregor, see Mind in Motion. (Times)


I found the video clip on the Create Digital Motion blog, posted by Peter Kirn:
An Attentive Flock of Mirrors, Built in OpenFrameworks If you like visualization, you'll also like Kirn's post: Code as Art: Generative Visual Inspiration and Sharing.


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