Feb 22, 2009

Jonathan Jarvis: Crisis of Credit Animated Short; Interactive Oracles

Jonathan Jarvis created a series of animated shorts as a project for his work as a graduate student in the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design. He started exploring the concept of system diagrams and integrated them into motion interactions.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

(Note: Someone commented about the negative way the family who represents sub-prime mortgage holders was depicted in the short.)

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The short was influenced by information from the following "This American Life" radio broadcasts.

Click on the following links to listen to the broadcasts:

Another Frightening Show About the Economy
Transcript (pdf)
The Giant Pool of Money
Transcript (pdf)

More about Jonathan Jarvis:

Crisis of Credit Project Page
The back story behind Jonathan's work on the Crisis of Credit Project, with story board scenes and his research sketch of the Crisis of Credit system diagram.
Jonathan's Website
Jonathan's Global Storytelling Project (pdf)

Jonathan worked on concept development, interface design & content development with a team for a multi-touch project, Interactive Oracles, for Acura:

(Some of the information is cross-posted on the Economic Sounds and Sights blog.)

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