Feb 23, 2009

YDreams: Interactive Experiences, Real Time Interaction with Augmented Reality Characters

YDreams is doing some interesting things. Watch the delight on this little girl's face as she plays with an avatar in mixed reality, viewed on a large display:

YDreams on Vimeo.

More from YDreams:
"...Flapi, YDreams' in-house mascot, and other virtual characters interact in real-time with a little girl and other physical obstacles in a new seamless augmented playground environment."

Photo from YDreams Lab
"YLabs’ main focus is on Reality Computing, which uses new technologies such as mobile computing, augmented reality and ubiquitous interactivity to bridge the distance between the user, information and the machine, in a physical, post-browser environment, where the real and the digital come together."

This is a photo of YDream's Architek's yMagic Books. Architek is used to create interactive digital content, including children's storybooks that are manipulated on a touch-screen.

This is a demonstration of Architek's yWalk, an immersive virtual playground that can be vertically projected onto soft mats and floors.

The Architek software provides information about user interaction. yWalk looks like it might be useful for occupational or physical therapists in their work with young children.

Interesting work!

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