Mar 4, 2009

Microsoft and the Future of Interaction

Over the past week or so, I've heard quite a bit about Microsoft's vision for the future, across a variety of domains.

To get started, take a look at the following video from CES 2009: Microsoft Future Products Demo

Take a look at the Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 video, presented by Microsoft's Business Division president Stephen Elop at the Wharton Business Conference, via the istartedsomething blog:

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Stephen Elop's Keynote Powerpoint Presentation Link

The Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 video sparked an interesting discussion in the comments section of the istartedsomething blog post.

There is more! Coldwell Banker will be using a customized home searching application using the technology of Microsoft Surface:

Futuristic Microsoft in the News:

Microsoft aims to turn PCs into personal assistants, teachers (or robot healers).
3/3/09, Byron Acohido, USA Today

Microsoft Mapping Course to a Jetsons-Style Future
3/2/09, Ashlee Vance, New York Times

Photo by Stuart Isett for The New York Times "Eric Horvitz, left, and Dan Bohus of Microsoft with the prototype of a virtual assistant that can understand its surroundings"

Stuart Isett for The New York Times "Hrvoje Benko demonstrating a Microsoft projection system that lets people manipulate large video images with their hands"
Yet another video:
Microsoft Research: A look at tomorrow's health solutions today: Part I
Laura Foy, 8/19/08

"In this special two-part video edition of House Calls for Healthcare Professionals, Bill Crounse, MD, visits with researchers at Microsoft Research. Each program reviews three promising areas of research that may one day lead to solutions with a direct or indirect application to health and healthcare. Viewers will gain insight to advanced ideas and technologies now in the labs at Microsoft Research long before they find their way into future products, solutions, or applications."

Surface Computing in Health Care: VitraView from InterKnowlogy:

Here is a 2008 video from Microsoft: Office Labs: Future of Personal Health Concept

Interesting concepts, but will they translate to the real world? Time will tell.


Microsoft HealthVault Beta
3D Multi Touch Application for Heart Surgeries - Microsoft Surface and Health Vault
Microsoft Research Blogs

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