Mar 25, 2009

Shift Happens Update: Did You Know? 3.0 (Infographic Video) & Updated 4.0!

 Update:  Here is Did You Know 4.0!

The first version Did You Know? (Shift Happens) started out as a PowerPoint presentation by Karl Fisch, an instructional technology specialist at Arapahoe High School as part of his staff development program. The goal was to convey information about the speed of change in our world through the use of a variety of statistical facts - on a global scale, and ultimately spark a conversation about the meaning of technology and the future among the educators in the room.

As you probably know, the conversation went well beyond the walls of Arapahoe High School!

In 2007, Did You Know? was updated by some of the designers at Xplane as a volunteer effort, and as of today, 3/25/09, had been viewed by 3,026,101 times on YouTube.

Did You Know? 3.0

Did You Know 2.0 Xplane version:

Did You Know 1.0 "Shift Happens" narrated with photographs:

Shift Happens Wiki
The FischBowl Blog

I came across the Did You Know? 3.0 video clip on Antoine RJ Wright's Mobile Ministry Magazine.

I first ran into Antoine at a coffee shop about a year ago. We both happened to be checking our email's on the same device, the beloved Nokia n800 Internet tablet. n800's are a rarity in the Charlotte area.

We soon learned that we shared a fascination for touch screen interaction and UI, but Antoine focuses primarily on mobile devices, and is a deep thinker on this topic. He showed me some of work he was doing with interface design on the n800 and I was impressed. Much of what he does could be transformed to the large screen with only a few tweaks, in my opinion.

Antoine runs Nokia's Mobile Web Server on his cell phone, which enables the phone to be accessible on the Internet and provides a personal "mobsite".

FYI: Antoine will be speaking at BibleTech '09 in Seatle, Washington soon on the topic of "Mobile Technology and Connecting Communities". If you have never given a thought about the intersection of technology and religion, you might be surprised at what is going on.

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