Mar 26, 2009

ElderGadget Blog

Via Technology-Supported Human World Interaction

Today I came across the ElderGadget Blog when I was searching for technology that might be helpful to my father, who recently spent the last few weeks in an intensive care unit.

Here are a few things I found on the blog, including what I found when I followed a link to the bindependent website:

Smart Table: A Broadband Communication System for the Elderly

ID Studiolab, Delft University of Technology, NL

"The smart system is aimed to prevent possible social isolation between elderly people and their social contacts. It consists of the Smart Table and the Smart Messenger, which provide easy and intuitive way for elderly people to benefit from the advantage of communication technology and improve the satisfaction of their social activities."

"During the design research, a working prototype is made and evaluated by a user test. The Smart Table offers people a way to use broadband communication without the need for a computer. The television will be used for video communication (web-cam) and the table as user-interface. On the table contact persons can be selected and images and video can be shared. The elderly person can capture images that will be shared instantly. The contact person can select images from his or her computer, which will be projected on the table of the elderly person". (TU Delft - Faculty Industrial Design Engineering - Master Design for Interaction - Project Interactive Technology Design - Vincent Steurs & Juin-Yi Huang)
Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Reader
Photo Watch
Clarity-C900: Amplified Big Button Cell Phone
911 Guardian Phone
911 Guardian: "Tiny wearable speakerphone"

Big Digit TV remote
Extra Large TV Remote Control

SmartShopper electonic grocery-list maker

SmartShopper: Electronic grocery-list maker
Bierley's ColorMouse Video Magnifier

Voice Pod: Digital recording and playback system


Live from CES - Dakim's Brain Fitness Keeps Seniors Sharp

Dakim Brain Games

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YouTube Vlogger: Geriatric1927

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