May 30, 2009

Ball's Plight, an iPhone and iPod Touch Game App by PriPri Games (plug for a former classmate) -and more games-related info....

Priyesh Dixit, a game developer has a free game app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. "Ball's Plight", can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. Here is the description:

"You are Ball, an alien with telekinetic powers and no limbs. An evil scientist has captured you and is forcing you to play his little game so he can unlock the secrets of your powers. You must survive in order to escape!"

"At its core, Ball's Plight is a classic game of ball and paddle. Touch the ball to the paddle to increase your score, reach the goal score to advance to the next level while earning points."
Priyesh was one of my classmates in Dr. Michael Youngblood's Artificial Intelligence for Game Design Class at UNC-Charlotte during the fall of 2006. He went on to work with Dr. Youngblood and Hunter Hale, a Ph.D. student, on the Common Games Understanding and Learning Toolkit (CGUL).

The mission of the CGUL project:

"To identify, develop, collect, and integrate a suite of tools and techniques for improving the understanding of interaction and behavior in all FPS/3PS games, incorporating knowledge as game artifacts, and learning how to advance game artificial intelligence through these mechanisms." (CJUL downloads)

About Priyesh:

Priyesh is a programmer at TimeGate Studios in Surgar Land, TX. He has a MS in Computer Science with a certificate in Game Design and Development.

Priyesh twitters as "
madgamer7", if you'd like to follow him.

The Playground: UNC-Charlotte's Game Design and Development Program
UNC-Charlotte's Game Intelligence Group, lead by Dr. Michael Youngblood

UNC-Charlotte's Game2Learn Group, lead by Dr. Tiffany Barnes

D.Hunter Hale, G. Micheal Youngblood, & Priyesh N. Dixit Automatically-generated Convex Region Decomposition for Real-time Spatial Agent Navigation in Virtual Worlds (pdf) Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
(Voted Most Infuential Game AI Publication of 2008)

Incursion, an Xbox game created by UNC-Charlotte Game Lab students,is available for download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace website.

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