May 10, 2009

Future of Interaction: Microsoft Lab's Vision 2019 Montage; Future Healthcare Montage

The following video is from Microsoft Office Vision 2019. If you visit the YouTube source, you'll find an interesting discussion about this five-minute+ clip.

Video Presentation from MIX09: Untold Stories of Touch, Gesture, & NUI
Joseph Fletcher, Design Manager, Microsoft Surface

"Learn about new patterns, behaviors, and design approaches for touch and gesture interfaces from a practitioners point of view. Learn early lessons from applied knowledge of touch applications, devices, and design methods."

LukeW's notes from Joseph Fletcher's presentation
LukeW's post: Design Principles at Microsoft

LukeW is the Senior Director of Product Ideation & Design at Yahoo! Inc.

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Sankar said...

Technology is creating trends day by day. What we see today wasn't there in the next day. Technology moving ahead in such a great speed. Any ways hope everything will our lives more comfortable, flexible and simpler.