Feb 18, 2010

3D Projectors in the Classroom: The kids are ready--but what about the textbook-bound curriculum?

Recently several companies have unveiled 3D DLP projector systems for use in K-12 settings.   Why 3D in the classroom?

To provide students with immersive learning experiences, according to information from a press release from Texas Instruments:
DLP Technology Enhances Interactive Learning by Demonstrating Industry's Only 3D-Enabled Single-Projector: "Immersive learning provided by 3D displays shown to increase test scores, close the gender gap and increase knowledge retention."

Here are a few quotes from the students who had a chance to try out a 3D learning experience in their classroom:

"I think it would really stay in your brain more, because you're having fun with it."
"It's really interactive and exciting"
"It lets you focus on the details of it."

Students usually don't give this sort of reaction when they are asked to open up a traditional textbook!
"Book work is boring. (With 3D) you get into it...and then you can play back that picture in your mind when you're taking a test" - Student, Rock Island, IL (track 3).

DLP Enables 3D in the Classroom at FETC (Promotional video)


The Classroom in 3D
THE Journal, February 2010
"In assessing the classroom potential of 3D, experts point to its capacity to enhance visualization. That could prove useful in classes such as geometry, in which the third dimension could illustrate complex spatial concepts, and biology, where 3D could be used for frog dissections or to show images of cells.  Subjects such as astronomy, history, geography, art history, and earth sciences would be enriched as well."

One barrier to the adoption of 3D technology in the classroom is the lack of appropriate 3D content.  According to the THE Journal article,  content providers working on 3D content include Safari Montage, BenQ, AVRover, Discovery Education, Promethean World, Eon Reality, and RM Educational Software.  Texas Instruments is involved with some of these companies.

3D Enabled Projectors
Texas Instruments (also see DLP Link & Active Glasses)

Teachers Increasingly Value Media and Technology (pdf)
PBS and Grunwald Associates, LLC, 2009

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John McLear said...

3D will be big, but I think value for money will be bigger. I responded (of sorts) here: http://mclear.co.uk/2010/07/07/3d-in-the-classroom/