Feb 25, 2010

Cyan Design's Multi-touch Experiments, Tutorials, and More (Collider Exhibition Series- Interactivity and New Media)

Chris Yanc, of Cyan Design, has been creating multi-touch applications for a while. His work, "Multi-touch Experiments" was included in the Collider Exhibition Series in Akron, Ohio. Below is a video of his experiments, a video of a demo app for an interactive touch conference map,  info about his work with the 36 Views of a Bridge project, and links to his tutorials and code.

Collider Series - Multitouch Table Experiments from Chris Yanc on Vimeo.

About the Collider Exhibition Series (info taken from the website):
"The Collider Exhibition Series examines the impact, implications and inspi- ration of the phenomenon generally categorized under the umbrella term New Media within the design practice and fine arts.Collider: Interactivity and New Media is an initial exploration into this realm. The exhibition seeks to provoke an awareness of the pervasive nature of New Media as it is applied in every function of our society and immerges as a forum for the highest expressions of our contemporary culture. It explores the results of collisions between humans and machines, biology and com- putations, art and technology, thought and process. What is New Media? And what are the implications to artists and designers when worlds, cul- tures and even identities collapse, build and collide."

Chris Yanc's Multi-Touch Demo App:  Tokyo Game Show 09 Conference Map

multitouch demo app - tokyo game show 09 conference map from Chris Yanc on Vimeo.

Chris was involved with the 36 Views of a Bridge at the Bridge Project in Cleveland, Ohio.  His post, 36 Views of a Bridge, explains in detail how his work was created, and also observations of groups of people interacting with the multi-touch table that was part of this project.

The sliding list widget demonstrated in the above video was created using Flash and can be downloaded from Chris's website: Sliding Lists ~ TUIO Flas App Widget.  The link will take you to "how-to" information, a code example,  and also to a link to download the widget.

Chris was kind enough to share his repository of tutorials and code:
http://www.cyancdesign.com/tutorials/   His tutorial page has lots of good links!

I'll be highlighting more work by innovative individuals, groups, and companies from time-to-time in future posts.

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