Feb 16, 2010

Johnny Holland on-line Magazine- some of my favorite posts.

If I had the time, I could spend several hours catching up with the on-line Johnny Holland Magazine.  Why?  It is full of stuff I like to think about.

"Johnny is an open collective talking, sharing, and finding answers about the interaction between people, products, systems or processes."

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Learning from Games: A Language for Designing Emotion
Joe Lamantia, 8/3/2009

Lamantia's article discusses the thoughts of Nicole Lazzaro, a games researcher and design consultant, who suggests that there are four kinds of fun, as outlined in the chart below:
  --XEO Design Inc.

(The references for Lamantia's article are worth taking a look.)

Engaging the User: What We Can Learn from Games
Marc Sasinski, 8/31/09

When Data Gets Up Close and Personal
Stephen Anderson, 1/27/10

The Social Life of Visualization (4-part series by Jeremy Yuille and Hugh Macdonald)
The Social Life of Visualization, Part 2:  Creation Phase
The Social Life of Visualization, Part 3: Interpretation
The Social Life of Visualization, Part 4: The Capture Process

"Jeremy Yuille and Hugh Macdonald are interaction design researchers with ACID at RMIT University. They research the effects of social media on different industries, ranging from sport to finance."

The Future is Touchable
"Jeroen van Geel is founder of Johnny Holland and a senior interaction designer. He works part-time for Fabrique Communication & Design and the other part for his own clients."

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(The "Johnnies" without pictures can be found on the Johnny Holland website.)

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