Feb 3, 2010

More Multi-Touch: DISPLAX on thin polymer film fits all sorts of surfaces, can interact by blowing on it, too!

The photos below are from a recent article on the Physorg.com website about DISPLAX Systems multi-touch polymer film, Multi-touch "Skin" Transforms Surfaces Into Interactive Screens:

DISPLAX™ Optimus Concept Store - Casa da Música (Porto - Portugal) from Displax on Vimeo.

From the DISPLAX press kit materials:
"DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology turns any non-conductive material into an interactive multi-touch surface. Based on projected capacitive technology, DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology has been developed using a transparent thinner-than-paper polymer film which can be applied to a variety of flat and curved surfaces including glass, plastic and wood."

"DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology was primarily developed to enable touch screen integration for LCD and projection displays. Application of the technology ranges from converting entire store windows into a touch surface, creating information screens, or developing innovative user interfaces. Potential customers are found in retail and diverse industries such as telecoms, museums, property, broadcast, pharma or finance. The technology will also be available for LCD manufacturers, audiovisual integrators or gaming platforms."

"DISPLAX works with partners and directly with customers to deliver multi-touch rich-media  
applications, enabling people to take full advantage of the latest developments. DISPLAX  
Multitouch Technology will be available in the market with several embedded business  
applications at no extra cost, designed especially for the kind of installations that interactive  
technology companies work on. This Apps Pack will allow customers to display photo and 
video streams, provide users access to Google Maps and social networks, integrate news  
streams via RSS and play multitouch games. More applications will be available later in 2010 
directly from DISPLAX and other developers."


DISPLAX™ Interactive Projects Showreel from Displax on Vimeo.

DISPLAX is a company of the EDIGMA GROUP.

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