Feb 26, 2010

More Multi-touch: So touch Multi-touch Presentation Software for Windows 7

So touch is a creative software company that has developed So touch Presention for creating multi-touch presentations for Windows 7.  You can download a trial version from the So touch website.  Minimal requirements are a 1.6GHz processor (Core2 Duo), 2 Gb of RAM, and a 512Mb graphic card.)

Here's the promotional video:

Here is the promotional information from the So touch YouTube site:

"Create your own multi-touch presentations! Discover the NEW So touch Presentation software!

Get your audience captivated and make your presentations more intuitive and entertaining than ever!

Manipulate images or screenshots of your usual documents with multi-touch gestures! Navigate multi-
images format, scroll up and down long images. Then open the original file or document in one tap on the screen leveraging the usual Windows associated application!

Thank to its user-friendly visual administration interface, the So touch presentation software is easy to use and will bring to life your presentations on a day to day basis!"

For more information, get in touch at contact [at] so-touch [dot] com or visit http://www.so-touch.com

Music by http://www.myspace.com/wouhouh

So touch / onedtozero / Martin Senyszak by So touch

"So touch Presentation for Windows 7 is developed using Adobe AIR and our unique AS3 framework for Adobe AIR and Windows 7 that is also available on our website! It is the first professional and transparent solution to develop Windows 7 compatible Adobe AIR applications. We are proud to be the first to announce it! There is some open source existing solutions but they don't offer the transparency and efficiency of SoBridge, the TUIO to Windows 7 C# bridge, included with So touch Framework."

Contact Person: Julien Lescure
Company Name: So touch
Telephone Number: +44 20 3239 3912
Email Address: contact[at]so-touch[dot]com
Web site address: http://www.so-touch.com

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