Sep 18, 2010

Interactive 360 Degree Glass-less 3D Video Display with Gesture Sensor: Demo of Sony's RayModeler

The video below gives a demo of Sony's RayModeler, "A 360-Degree Display that doesn't require glasses". The video shows how the auto-stereoscopic 3D content is filmed. It also shows how items within the display respond to gesture interaction. The first prototype was introduced in 2009 and then brought out at the SIGGRAPH conference this summer.

According to an article written by Richard Lawler, Core77 created "Breakout" for the RayModeler, a game similar to Pong.  I'll have to think more about this technology before I form an opinion!

Sony's 360-degree RayModeler 3D display brings its glasses-free act to LA, plays Breakout
Richard Lawler, Engadget 7/28/10

Sony's 360-degree 3D display prototype makes virtual pets more lifelike, expensive
Thomas Ricker, Engadget 10/19/09

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