Sep 22, 2010

PD-NET Project: "Exploring..large scale networks of pervasive public displays..."

I love the concept of interactive, networked public displays!   The PD-NET project has a fairly new website and a Facebook page.  If this interests you, take the time to learn about the PD-NET project, a collaborative effort between researchers from several different universities in Europe. I'd like to see this take hold in the US.  

PD-NET Project Objectives (From the PD-NET Website):
  • To create enabling technologies for large-scale pervasive display networks through the design, development, and evaluation of a robust, scalable, distributed and open platform for interconnecting displays and their sensors.
  • To establish Europe as the international centre for work on pervasive display networks.
  • To address key scientific challenges that may inhibit the widespread adoption of pervasive display network technology:  Tensions between privacy and personalization, situated displays, business and legislative requirements, User Interaction.
Here is a list of participating universities and researchers, taken from the PD-NET website:

Participants from Lancaster University (UK):
Participants from University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany):
Participants from University of Lugano (Italy):
Participants from University of Minho (Portugal):
J. Müller, F. Alt, D. Michelis, and A. Schmidt, "Requirements and Design Space for Interactive Public Displays," in Proceedings of the 18th annual ACM international conference on Multimedia (Multimedia 2010), to appear, 2010.

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I am passionate about interactive displays, especially in public spaces.  I've devoted numerous posts to this topic on this blog, and also on  The World Is My Interactive Interface, a blog I started a few years ago when I was working on projects for large interactive displays.  

I am interested in how interactive displays, of any size, can be accessible and universally designed, especially those that can inter-operate with mobile devices, including devices that support communication for people with special needs.

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