Sep 21, 2010

Artists on NextWindow Touch Screens - Using brushes, "life-like" tools, and natural user interactions!

This looks fun!

Here is artist Steven Lopez, sharing his NextWindow experience:

Here is a video from NextWindow's "Digital Art Day"- watch how four artists use various tools, including brushes, to interact with a NextWindow screen:

“A common method for creating digital art has incorporated pen-based tablet devices, connected to a PC. This approach required artists to look down at the tablet while they drew and look up at the image that was developing on the larger screen. Although artist’s adapted to this tech-heavy approach, it did not come close to the sensory experience of sketching on paper with pencil or using acrylics and watercolors to create a vast array of effects on canvas. Now, there are sophisticated touch screen PCs and applications that are helping artists bridge the "digital divide" between traditional art-making and computer-based art. A group of visual artists visited the NextWindow offices in 2010 for the opportunity to play with a touch PC and see how it affected the creative process.” -NextWindow/Polly Traylor

For more information, videos, and art, visit NextWindow's  Art on Touch Screens.

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