Sep 22, 2010

Good News: Unity 3D (Game Dev Co.) and Electronic Arts Join Forces

I discovered Unity 3D a few years ago and was impressed by the company's great game development products.  I especially liked the company's Unity Web Player- it makes web-based 3D interaction come to life.I shared my impressions of the company on a post,  Chill in an on-line 3-d tropical paradise from Unity 3D At the time, Unity 3D was a very new company.

A lot has changed since then!  

I learned today that "the companies are announcing that EA has signed a multi-year enterprise deal with Unity: EA will be using Unity’s platform across multiple franchises, and all of EA’s developers will have access to the “entire range of Unity products from web and mobile to consoles and beyond”. The timing is also good: Unity is launching its 3.0 upgrade next week."   -Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch 

What I like about Unity 3D is that it was created to support cross-platform development.

For more details:
(Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch 9/22/10)

Unity to Be Used Across Multiple Franchises; New Unity Enterprise License Gives Every EA Studio and Developer Access to All unity Products 
(MarketWire Press Release, 9/22/10)

Unity 3D Demo Reel

Unity Spring 2010 Highlight Reel from Unity3D on Vimeo.

Unity Technologies Motto:  
"Taking the Pain out of Game Development"

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Sandor Rozsa said...

Hey Lynn,

yeah - Unity is cool. The guys are also just as cool like the product. And yes, the new 3.0 version will be a killer product. I enjoyed very much this year beeing part of the booth at the GDC in San Fracisco. I wish i could spend more time on uniTUIO (just to make some cool content for the upcomming 3.0 release)...