Apr 17, 2011

Jamendo Jammap, Marker/Music: Google music map mashups bring the world of music right to you!

Here are a couple of interesting ways people are using Google Maps for music:

Screenshot of Jammap, featuring music from Brazil, created by Cassioso Oliveira :



"marker/music is an interactive sound and music map created by Darren Solomon, the students and faculty of Northern State University, and members of the community of Aberdeen, South Dakota. From October 18th - 22nd, 2010, the group shot over 70 videos in the area, from which 12 were chosen to be embedded in a custom Google map. The project was inspired by Darren's inbflat.net, and is intended to explore the concept by producing the entire project locally in a single community, rather than through internet-based crowdsourcing." -marker/music website

Google Maps Mania Posts (tagged Music Maps)
(Scroll down for "how-to" information.)

Thanks to Richard Byrne and Julien Llanas for sharing this information!

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