Apr 6, 2011

mtBAR Multi-touch Bar Video (Aaron Bitler); Physical Vision, a Kinect Alternative Video (Jonathan Brill); DARPA's 3D Glassless Urban Photonic Sandtray

Here are a few interesting videos and links:

The mtBAR Comes Alive!
Aaron Bitler, 3/28/11

Physical Vision, The Alternative to Kinect
Jonathan Brill, Physical Vision, 2/26/11

Tim Stevens, 3/28/11, Engadget
"It's a DARPA project, a fully holographic table (no glasses required) that can be scaled up to six feet diagonally and allows visual depth of up to 12-inches. The technology comes courtesy of Zebra Imaging, which earlier wowed us with some insane 3D printouts, and the data will come from LIDAR systems like this ROAMS bot." -Tim Stevens

-Photo from Vizworld

Weekly Belated Linkfest
Rouli, Games Alfresco, 4/4/11

So much to share, so little time!

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