Apr 29, 2011

Musical Multitouch/Gestural Interfaces by Osmosis

I've been pleasantly surprised by the increase of interesting multi-touch and gesture-based applications developed for musical interaction on large displays.  This topic is dear to my heart -  I took a computer music technology class back in 2003, and think it would have been great if this sort of thing was available back then.  Who wants to point and click around a music app for hours on end?!

The video below shows what is new from Osmosis, a company based in NY that focuses on the development of multi-touch and gesture based software for a range of uses, including music applications.

Performance Systems for Stage/Studio from Osmosis on Vimeo.

Transparent Stage System Specs
• Floating, transparent HD displays from 32"
• Haptic surface with tempered glass backing
• High gain image with wide viewing angle
• Rugged aircraft-grade aluminum build
• Enclosed projector and computer
• Minimalist style, compact footprint
• Disassembles for easy transportation

• Projected capacitive foil or IR bezel options
• Up to 32 simultaneous touch points
• Precise, responsive touch tracking (3mm)
• Immune to external light conditions
• Use of fingers, gloves or stylus

• DLP portable projector
• 1280×800 HD resolution
• 2500 ANSI-lumen, 1800:1 contrast
• Mini-ITX, Core 2 Quad, 4GB RAM
• ATI Radeon X1250 graphics card
• Wireless keyboard and mouse
• Windows 7 Pro

Stuart McClean, the founder of Osmosis, shared the following information about his company:

"Osmosis is a consulting firm based in the NYC area with deep experience in interactive technology. Although we cater to a range of markets, we’re especially passionate about music production and performance. Working closely with artists, we build customized interactive systems for stage and studio. HCI technology is integrated into a range of designs including stands, desktop rigs, tables, carts and vertical screens. Interfaces are tailored to specific artist needs and combine controls, generative audio and visuals, instruments, and gestural input. Our unique and flexible systems take full advantage of multi-touch interaction and offer seamless control of Ableton Live, Traktor, or other DAWs via midi and OSC..."


For more information about the applications developed by the Osmosis team, take a look at their showcase page.  

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Sadly in the video what you hear has nothing to do with what you see...