Apr 19, 2011

Mathematica 8: Resources, free online seminars, plus TED-talk video: "Teaching kids real math with computers"

I admit it.  Once in a while, I wake up after having a dream with a re-occurring theme of algorithms, technology, and programming.  It happened again this morning, inspiring me to take a look at the Wolfram Mathematica website. 

Here are a few on-line seminars I might take a look at soon:

"To give a broad overview of the major new features in Mathematica 8, including free-form linguistic input and Wolfram|Alpha integration, probability and statistics, finance, control systems, graphs and networks, improved image processing, wavelet analysis, C code generation, and more, using example-driven material."

Statistics and Data Analysis with Mathematica 8
Image Processing with Mathematica (Seminar description and registration)

Look at what I found while exploring the Wolfram suite of websites!

TEDGlobal 2010: 
Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers

Mathematica 8 Seminar Calendar
Image Processing and Analysis (Info)
Interface development with Mathematica (I haven't tried this out.)
Here are a few links about the arts and math, from the Wolfram site:
Mathematica and High Fashion
Art Inspires a Lesson in Calculus
Computer Science PRofessor Sculpts Award-Winning Art with Mathematica
Wolfram Tones: An experiment in a new kind of music
Mathematica Music Demonstrations
Conrad Wolfram
Stephen Wolfram

FYI:  For those of you who are curious to know more about my technology dreams, I plan to devote a few posts about them in the future.   Here's a link to a post I wrote after waking up from a dream about haptic interfaces:

Last night I dreamt about haptic touch-screen overlays...

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