Apr 28, 2011

Touch the Music: Drums, Keyboards, and More on NextWindow Touchscreens Featured in Megan Slankard's Music Video, "Sails"

Megan Slankard and her band performing "Sails", from the album "a little extra sun":

"To put its technology to the artistic test, NextWindow introduced Megan Slankard and her band to the freedom of creating music using touch screens. With 13 touch screens manufactured by NextWindow – seven 46-inch screens and six All-in-One desktop touch computers – Megan and her band set out to create a music video with a touch of technology they’ve never utilized before."-NextWindow

For detailed information about the touch screens and music applications shown in the video below, visit the Music on Touch Screens page of NextWindow's website. The website shows a good "behind the scenes" video of the various band members exploring the touch screens used to create the music in the video.

Applications and Hardware
Controller/Mixing/Sequencing: FL Studio software.
Touch screen technology:  NextWindow 2550 Profile Touch, NextWindow 2700 Touch  Overlay, NextWindow 1900 Desktop

This technology would be awesome in K-12 music classes!

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