May 31, 2011

Top 10 All-Time Posts on the Interactive Multimedia Technology Blog

I'm finishing up the last couple weeks of the school year, so I'll have little time to post this week.  I hope you enjoy exploring the following links!

Revised Post 8/1/06: Interactive multimedia for social skills, understanding feelings, relaxation and coping strategies

Teliris Interact TouchTable and TouchWall: Immersive Collaboration & Telepresence; DVE's Holographic Tele-Immersion Room

Games to lift stress away: Flower, flOw, (and Cloud), from thatgamecompany

Power to the Pixel Cross-Media Forum Streaming Live from London Today #PttP

HACKED KINECT MULTITOUCH using libFreenect and libTISCH (via Florian Echtler)

Link to iTV Doctor Rick Howe's post about 2D to 3D, 3D TV data points, and 3D content distributers

Temple Grandin - A gifted visual thinker, who also has autism, featured in HBO movie starring Claire Danes.  Update: Video of Claire Danes' acceptance of a Golden Globe for her performance

Algodoo physic app. for the SMART Board 800 series, supports multi-user interaction!

Wii Just Dance2 and Kinect Dance Central:  UI and Usability Approaches; Challenges for Developoing Accessible Games

Interactive Touch-Screen Technology, Participatory Design, and "Getting It" -Revisited

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