May 21, 2011

Display Week 2011 Recap: (Society for Information Display -SID)


49th International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition was held at the L.A. Convention Center in Los Angeles, California during the week of May 15-20, 2011.  Display Week  is one of a number of conferences of the Society for Information Display (SID), a group of professionals in all of the technical and business disciplines that relate to display research, design, manufacturing, applications, marketing, and sales.  

I'm sad to say, I was not able to attend the conference.  

In case you missed Display Week, or if you are curious to learn more about it, take a few moments to look over the conference website, and if it interests you, plan to attend the 50th next year.   I hope to be there!

2011 Keynote Speakers:
Phil “Captain 3D” McNally, Stereoscopic Supervisor, DreamWorks Animation
How My 3D Hobby Became My 3D Career”

Yasuhiro Koike, Professor at Keio University and Director of the Keio Photonics Research Institute
Overwhelmingly Realistic Face-to-Face Communications: Photonic Polymer Technology”

Shuji Nakamura, Professor in the Materials Department at the University of Santa Barbara
“Nitride-Based LEDs and Laser Diodes: Current Status, Bright Prospects!

Douglas TrumbullTrumbull Ventures LLC
Note: Douglas Trumbull's multimedia website is awesome.  It provides a visually pleasing overview of many of his special effects work, and more. 

There were a variety of courses and tutorials throughout the Display Week 2011, including one presented by Geoff Walker, of NextWindow: Fundamentals of Touch Technologies and Applications

For more information, take a look at the Display Week 2011 program (pdf).

Information from the Display Week website:
"Display Week, the Society for Information Display’s Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition, is the essential yearly meeting for everyone involved in the technology, business, and application of cutting-edge displays. It is also the top North American exhibit venue for display industry products and services."

"Each year, engineers, manufacturers, researchers, and numerous others involved in the electronic-information-display industry gather at Display Week for access to a huge range of display-related technologies and applications. These include high-definition flat-panel displays, OLEDs, flexible displays, plastic electronics, large-area projection systems, and much more. This is the place to learn about the state of the art of image processing, systems software and display processor hardware, human factors and applied vision, and exciting new application areas such as 3-D and electronic cinema, touch and interactivity, solid-state lighting, and green technologies...As the must-see event for the worldwide electronic-information-display industry, Display Week is host to hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees each year."

News about Display Week 2011
News about the Society for Information Display

More about CHI 2011 and related interactive technology topics coming soon!

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