May 11, 2011

Update from #CHI 2011 - much more to come.

I've been attending CHI 2011 for the past few days and have been impressed by the depth and breadth of the conference.  In addition to attending a number of interesting, high-quality presentations, I had the chance to interview several key contributors to the HCI field, explore a variety of awesome interactive applications,  and participate in an interactive musical multimedia performance.  Below is a video taken of part of the performance, taken by someone at the conference:

I also had a chance to explore Bill Buxton's exhibit of his historical archive of input and interactive devices.  To see the interactive online version of the exhibit, take a look at  Buxton Collection.  You won't be disappointed.

I will be sharing my "take aways" from the conference in a series of posts on this blog over the next couple of weeks. I meantime,  take a look at some of the CHI "Madness" videos below. The video clips are about 20-seconds long and are created by CHI presenters as previews to help conference attendees plan their schedules, since there are many sessions that are held concurrently. 

Gamification: Using Game Design Elements in Non-Gaming Contexts

CHI 2011 Accessible Games SIG

Games for your cat:

Don't forget Grandma!

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