Jul 8, 2011

Off topic: 134 Launches in 134 Minutes - video clip of space shuttle launches over the years

Today I had the chance to watch the final launch of the space shuttle Atlantis. After the shuttle was safely launched, CNN broadcasted the video "134 Launches in 134 Minutes". While I watched the video, I thought about the thousands of people who have worked for NASA, and all of the technology and scientific advances that have taken place over the years.

Here is a version of the video I found on YouTube:

My hope is that we will continue to make scientific gains in the future, but with continued economic problems, this might take place at a much slower rate.


Reflections about the last space shuttle launch by Jeremy Perez-Cruz (Tea and Letter blog)

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Anonymous said...

this is awesome, thank you for doing this......my son and future daughter-in-law were there today too and they are Ph.D. students in HCI and Aerospace Engineering and doing awesome/cool things too....and have the space program in their genes....what a wonderful world we live in....check out http://www.brettrjones.com/